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Modern threats to health amount to a quiet war against everyone. Its stealth weapons are in our air and water, everyday foods, electronic devices, many mainstream medicines… One of our most effective front lines of defense from these incursions is properly feeding each of the trillions of living cells in our bodies everything that they need. When given complete micro-nutrition – which pure non-toxic organic Biosuperfood (BSF) bio-algae-concentrates (BAC) provides – cells protect and repair themselves so as to cope with toxicity, dodgy pharmaceuticals, GMOs, EMFs, nuclear radiation, etc.


How many of us and our animals actually get truly complete nutrition? What prices do we pay for common toxicities and deficiencies? Why are staggering medical costs, needless suffering and early deaths spiraling out of control? If we lose this battle do we forfeit everything? Will we allow ourselves to sicken and die out? Or might we prevail by simply consuming nature’s most complete food to gain strength and immunity? Here is a very good answer to these questions:

In the 1970s the Soviet Union was experiencing collapse of their livestock industry. The farm animals that their nation depended upon for survival were sick and dying. Chemical toxicity, nuclear and electronic radiation, poor diet, bad medicine… were taking their toll. The Soviets searched for answers and discovered that aquatic algae, Earth’s most nutritious food, provided total micro-nutrition. They tested global strains of algae and blended the four most effective species of green, red and yellow algae powders to create BAC (bio-algae-concentrates). This exceptional BAC is now grown in Kamchatka, Russia, and it currently retails as Biosuperfood.

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Feeding this algae blend to Russian livestock reversed diseases and halted hereditary defects. Sick animals regained health and vitality, their cancers healed, offspring thrived, percentages of meat and milk and eggs increased… USSR was saved from starvation. Ample proof exists in the form of decades of documented real applications that saved millions of farm animals. Then came the Chernobyl nuclear disaster where human trials of BAC healed many people’s atomic diseases. Forty years of research shows BSF BAC to be fully-proven 100% safe and non-toxic.

Biosuperfood provides a complete nutritional foundation so that no one has to fall through the cracks from deficiencies. Everyone can have easy access to total micro-nutrition, which is the basis of immunity, vitality, community… survival. This product has to be one of the best investments possible. Savings in medical costs alone will be many times greater than the comparatively small expenditure. Biosuperfood is fully validated by truly massive pure non-capitalist bio-science and applications. Michael Kiriac PhD, inventor and director of the Soviet BAC project, now exports BSF from Russia to Roland Thomas NMD at BIOAGE in the US. This clever defense from modern diseases and health threats is simply capsules of powdered non-toxic plant-based ultrafood. You can access a quick course on all the basics of BSF by reading Roland’s one-page-per-chapter ebook at: themagicisbac.com.

Biosuperfood contains 100% of our mandatory human cellular requirements, comprising all the essential nutrients and compounds known to be necessary for optimal cellular functioning. BSF is real food grown in pure ancient warm spring water with the very rare ideal mineral matrix for bio-algae. The Kamchatka facility is fully enclosed from pollution. BSF is truly uncontaminated.

BSF has no contraindications other than detoxing if one is loaded with poisons when beginning to use bio-algae-concentrates, plus the standard advice that pregnant and low blood pressure people take less. A person can live indefinitely on a calorie-sufficient diet of just BSF and good water. Benefits in terms of increased health-promoting social improvements are sure to follow.


BAC has consistently shown easing of common conditions such as type II diabetes, congestive circulatory disorders, ADD, autoimmune syndromes, chronic fatigue, toxic overloads… which result to large extent from the body’s cells starving for their vital micro-nutrients and therefore being unable to detox and heal. Truly complete micro-nutrition supports vigorous full functioning so that our cells can use their abilities to clean and repair themselves. The same goes for immune system components and good microbes, which also require total support to operate optimally. This basic principle applies to autism, dementia, cancer, low immunity, early aging and so on.

Biosuperfood speeds up healing and getting in shape. BSF replaces supplements and meds. Complete micro-bio-nutrition promotes focus, cheer, proper behavior, greater intelligence…

Should people choose not to take their Biosuperfood, then it serves as supply for future health issues, and as reserves of micro-bio-sustenance for lean times. Having some surplus BSF on hand is wise in case of illness, hunger, sick animals, toxic/nuclear exposure, war, disasters…


These days EPA Geiger counter readings all over North America routinely go over 1,000 CPM (clicks per minute). Normal is 5 to 20 CPM. 200 CPM calls for evacuation and hazmat cleanup. (You can follow “your radiation this week” to keep up to date.) Authorities and mass media are doing very little to help. It’s up to us to save ourselves. Fortunately BSF protects, detoxes and heals atomic cellular damage, as was documented in life-saving research near to Chernobyl.

Nuclear waste is leaking from thousands of facilities. Depleted uranium warfare and training has tainted the whole planet. Melted-through Fukushima reactor cores are still steaming in groundwater. Levels of escaped radiation drifting around the world, and specifically falling on North America, are increasing exponentially. Random clouds of nuclear particles are simply falling from the sky as evidenced by US EPA readings.

Growing radioactive contamination is a one-way trip to increasingly mutated genetic legacies. Because of the serious genetic effects of chronic atomic exposure, healing our DNA is vital to the survival of all nations. With nuclear uptake rapidly increasing, along with related disorders and birth defects, it’s critical that we all take decisive steps to prevent a radical decline in health, genetics and survival. Biosuperfood, which is properly proven to support the body’s ability to repair DNA, is effective defense on a cellular level from stealth genetic attack.

Predicted Ocean Radiation Drift Pattern

Perhaps our generation will be the initial people with sufficient insight and wherewithal to set up cellular defenses for our whole world population. There are many means available, however Biosuperfood offers the most verifiable proof of efficacy for supporting successful genetic self-repair. Not to mention dealing with all the other toxic stuff coming at us… This program is vital for Seventh Generation planning. Luckily BSF is documented to protect and heal our genes that we pass on to our children so that they have a chance at their own healthy generations.

This era is undeniably a period of unprecedented industrial culling that is rapidly taking down increasing numbers of people, animals and biosystems via poisonous pollutants, products and nuclear ecocide. Existing evidence warrants moving forward at maximum capacity to catch up with drastically increasing dietary and environmental hazards. This time of tipping points calls for extreme measures to prevent cataclysmic health disasters. Our current reality indicates necessity for immediate extraordinary action. Biosuperfood can be implemented in short order at reasonable cost. BAC is actually capable of making a monumental positive difference in the outcomes people and their animals lives. Sufficient scientific and real world proof exists to ensure that this is so.


We’ve reached the no-kidding level of mass poisoning of all types. Something drastic has to be done. Plus there’s no getting away from abundant nuclear pollution that is growing very quickly. Biosuperfood is by far the best investment that anyone can make so as to have a positive future for themselves and their loved ones. You will also get more energy and immunity. And you can stop buying all the other incomplete supplements out there…


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